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Anti-ligature and Safety Solutions
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Anti-ligature door handles & anti-barricade locks, window restrictors

Antiligature door handle with lock
Horn lever on plate, designed with proven angles and uniformly smooth surfaces to effectively deter any attachment of ligatures. Complete with thumb turn and escutcheon. [ANT19TTPL]
£ 275.78(VAT excl.)
Antiligature door knob
Antiligature knob shaped to resist the attachment of any cord. Set on 63mm rose with concealed bolt-through fixings. [ANT1]
Quantity Discount available Quantity Discount available
£ 77.68(VAT excl.)
Bathroom clutched turn & indicator release
Anti-barricading clutched knob with coach key external release and indicator. Torx pin security bolts from staff side. Chamfered anti-ligature knob turn. [ANT1FMI2CLSSS]
£ 107.67(VAT excl.)
Antiligature door handle set
2 lever set 45 degrees on 63mm rose, stainless steel. Backing plates available. [ANT19]
£ 139.27(VAT excl.)
Large clutched easy-grip turn knob
Stainless steel easy grip knob with clutch to prevent being held shut from the inside. [ANT364TT]
Quantity Discount available Quantity Discount available
£ 166.73(VAT excl.)
Antiligature knob & lever set
Double chamfer knob on service user side bolts securely through to lever on staff side [ANT6/ANTNS7]
£ 94.92(VAT excl.)
Pull handle on plate or bolted
Infill handle on 190 x 65mm plate, or can be bolted through without plate. For lightweight pulling (anti-barricade); not with door closers. [ANT5PL Dortrend]
£ 57.68(VAT excl.)
Grab pull handle
Popular grab handle on 90 x 205mm backplate , c/w TorxPin fixings [4-731A]
£ 63.62(VAT excl.)
Pinch grip pull handle
Anti-ligature infill, comfortable grip, 90 x 205mm radius or square backplate, c/w TorxPin fixings [4-729A]
£ 51.38(VAT excl.)
Narrow style handle
26 x 200mm backplate for narrow frames, old style panelled doors. Infilled anti-ligature with easy grip.
£ 53.97(VAT excl.)
Elephants trunk handle
Substantial easy grip handle, 90mm or 65mm x 205mm backplate, c/w TorxPin fixings [4-730A ]
£ 65.77(VAT excl.)
Pinch grip pull handle narrow
Antiligature infill, pinch grip on radius or square backplate, 45mm x 205mm, c/w TorxPin fixings
£ 47.26(VAT excl.)
'46' bedroom lockset
Combined turn / pull handle on user's side; anti-barricade key mechanism on staff side always dominates the lock. Various finishes [1-46-729C]
£ 277.17(VAT excl.)
Lifeline '56' indicator lockset
Ideal bathroom lock with primary barricade override operated by Lifeline key, and an indicator [1-LL-56-729C]
£ 332.49(VAT excl.)
Lifeline lockset 76 en-suite
With a pull handle both sides and locking feature on staff side only for isolating rooms. Closed keyway operated by Lifeline key resists interference with mechanism [1-LL-76-729C
£ 274.78(VAT excl.)
Twin-tech '46' secondary override lockset
Extra safe bedroom/office lockset with Twin-Tech secondary override and indicator. Should the lock be jammed it can still be easily opened with a T-handle key inserted behind the removable cover plate. '56' version with 'engaged' indicator as an option [3S-46/56-729A]
£ 298.59(VAT excl.)
Lifeline key
The Lifeline system enables one key for 'closed gateway' locks on many applications. The closed gateway prevents foreign objects being inserted into the cylinder to jam it.[7319-LLZ-BK]
£ 8.95(VAT excl.)
Window handle & lock
Anti-ligature push-pull handle with S-key operated lock to fit espagnolle window systems [8PHS2-SKA]
£ 54.38(VAT excl.)
Detachable door stop, full length
Movastop doorstop up to 2.1m, quickly detaches to open a barricaded door from the outside [7414/5 BRDS-LL] Unlocks with Lifeline key.
£ 187.96(VAT excl.)
Door Top alarm
Door top alarm system by Intastop warns against any attempt to attach a ligature to the top of a door. Please contact us for a bespoke quotation.
Anti-barricade spindle T-bar
Special emergency tool to activate PR3 secondary override system. [7213-ABMT]
£ 45.36(VAT excl.)
SKA window key
Key for SKA window lock [8PH2-BKEY]
£ 3.30(VAT excl.)
Continuous double action hinge
Allows door to swing in both directions (HDS) when enabled by Movastop detachable door stop. [7510-CSAH]
£ 288.00(VAT excl.)
Wall mounted door stop
Rubber stop in ligature-resistant stainless steel bezel secured with safety screws [7621]
£ 24.20(VAT excl.)
Vertical grab handle
Anti-ligature infill, easy grab even with wet hands, blue or white[ANT22MODDEPC]
£ 191.76(VAT incl.)
Window restrictor(fixed)
Stronghold PPC steel restrictor (pairs), adjustable, allow natural ventilation with safety. [8-WR]
£ 75.64(VAT excl.)
Window restrictor (cable)
Designed to eliminate the risk of injury caused by falls from windows by restricting the opening of a  window to only 10-15cm in line with HSE guidelines. Vital for risk situations in care homes, hotels, schools and offices. Key operated. Cable made of stainless steel wire; easy and quick to fit. Tested to current British Standards BS EN 14351-1 and BS EN 13126-5. [C]
Quantity Discount available Quantity Discount available
£ 13.14(VAT excl.)
New window restrictor set
This very strong 3-part restrictor set is a bespoke product. It provides extra impact resistance and reduces the potential for contraband being passed back & forth through the opening, while maintaining a good level of ventilation through perforated steel panels. Priced according to specific dimensions required.
Passport Amadeo WiFi system
Passport is a stand-alone, battery-powered proximity access control lockset that has been designed specifically to meet the special requirements of a mental healthcare setting. It allows service users independent access to their own space using a passcard, whilst being completely programmable by staff and linked by WiFi to a central PC for oversight. Built for safety and durability, it also includes full anti-ligature and anti-barricade features.
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Antiligature Safety Solutions
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