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How to prevent self-harm or suicide?

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Antiligature & Safety Solutions continue their research into practical means of suicide prevention, and the safety of vulnerable persons who may be suffering from mental illness, or suicidal depression, or the trauma of being held in a detention centre. There is increasing concern about the numbers of deaths in prison, and needed research is going into safety in prison cells and related areas. Focus is also on the increasing need of care for the elderly in care homes, where a safe residential setting is so important. Whether it is dementia sufferers, or simply frail and disabled persons requiring user-friendly grab handles, many practical steps need to be taken for their safety. Examples include the danger of falling from windows, prevention of barricading by means of accessible locking systems, safety and anti-ligature measures to be taken in safe bedrooms, safe bathrooms, secure doors and alarm systems. Help for suicidal people is of course a much-needed social care and a far deeper subject than locks and fittings, nevertheless it is an obligation on all kinds of institutions and even in the home, to take every practical step to remove all possible means of self-harm from the environment in which these less fortunate persons are cared for.

Life or death situations - how to deal with barricading

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Increase in prison deaths

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National Strategy

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